Snack Vending Machines

Focus Snack and Confectionery

Focus SnackOffering either 32 or 40 selections of chilled snack and confectionery items, the Focus provides the perfect shop front for any location. The machine is extremely easy to load with shelves that tilt to 45°. Each tray and column divider is adjustable to suit different sized products. Dual snack spirals provide a superior vend action Compact version is the ideal machine for locations where space is at a premium Sure Vend product delivery sensor fitted as standard Programmable time events and free vend modules Compatible with leading M.D.B. and Executive coin & cashless systems.

32 Selections

Height: 1830 mm

Width: 812 mm

Depth: 730 mm

40 selections




Azkoyen Palma H70

azkoyenThe attractive curved front and large product showcase of the Palma H70 attract customers’ attention. Versatile configuration with spirals, pivoting trays for easier reloading and simple, clear price configuration and programming, thereby reducing installing and operating delays to a minimum. Attractive design High flexibility Easy operator use Top security Advanced technology Guaranteed reliability.

Dimensions & Weight:

Width: 723 mm
Depth: 865 mm
Height: 1830 mm
Weight: 270 kg




Row Snack Vending Machines

row snackCapacity 300 items

9 Crisps Selections

18 Confectionary


Height 1700mm

Width 703mm

Depth 853mm

Capacity 466 items

12 Crisps Selections

24 Confectionary


Height 1830mm

Width 880mm

Depth 890mm